Saturday, September 29, 2007

Cat O' Nine Tails goes to printer! Coming Soon!

Many of you who get the Romantic Times Magazine will receive the newest issue Monday, October 1. In it will be an ad for Highland Press advertising three HP books - Into The Woods by RR Smythe; The Sense of Honor by Ashley Kath-Bilsky; and my one-author anthology, Cat O' Nine Tales. The other two books are already out; mine goes to Press on Monday, so there will be a small delay before they reach Amazon and other online outlets.

This collection has eight of my stories -short stories and novellas - many have received awards. Its ninth tale is a new novella. Highland Press is putting them into the Collector's Edition, tradesize paperback, because they received so many requests to have my works under one cover for collectors.

So do hang on!! If you would like to be notified of when the books are hitting the shelves, you can go to my website and use the contact me button to email me and get on the notification list. That way you will know precisely when the books are shipping.

The stories are: Bad Cat; Getting It In The End; Double, Double, Toil & Trouble; Rider in the Storm; Devil in Spurs; All I Want For Christmas Is A Hula-hoop...And A Mother; Blue Christmas Cat; Chicken What Du Hell?; and A Very Special Man.

They are an eclectic mix of Contemporary, Historical and Paranormal Romances, and each story has a very unusual feline. So this book will delight Romance readers who especially love cats. A super gift just in time for the Holidays!

Because I am a deep cat lover, half of all my royalties will be donated to Alley Cats to help them with their great efforts in rescuing feral cats worldwide. (

Deborah Macgillivray

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Name That Cat Contest - for Riding the Thunder

Riding the Thunder, my fourth novel, second for Dorchester's Love Spell had been released this week. To celebrate, I have just launched my "Name that Cat" Contest

You can win copies of my books and Mike Duncan's CD, that has both versions
of "Lost for Words" that I used on my book videos.

So watch the videos - discover the cat's name and enter!

Deborah Macgillivray

Friday, September 21, 2007

Review for In Her Bed

the Dragons of Challon Book 2: In Her Bed

Deborah MacGillivray

ISBN: 978-0-8217-8037-4

Kensington/Zebra BooksAugust 2007

Historical Romance/ScottishMass Market Paperback
Rating: 5 Clovers

Lady Aithinne Ogilvie is willing to do whatever it takes to save the people of Lyonglen, anything including bedding a man for the sole intent of getting pregnant. She sends her brothers to locate a suitable man, but her brothers instead return with Damien St. Giles. Damien is the cousin of the feared Black Dragon (see Julian Challon’s story in A RESTLESS KNIGHT) and a man who will be missed- not the sort of man Aithinne was looking for at all! And he’s definitely not the sort of man she can keep shackled to the bed for a week during Beltane as Oona’s magic dictates to ensure a baby is conceived!

Damien has long dreamed of a woman, and thought he’d found her in Julian’s soon-to-be wife, Tamlyn. However, Aithinne is practically the spitting image of Tamlyn, only taller and with freckles. Neither Aithinne nor Damien is prepared for the attraction that sparks between them. Will love flourish between Aithinne and Damien after such an inauspicious beginning?
Deborah MacGillivray has a writing style that is pure magic! In the hands of such a gifted storyteller, the reader is transported back to these turbulent and chaotic years in Scottish history. The tension of the times comes vividly alive, as Damien and Aithinne are caught up in the intrigue as Scotland and England clash.

IN HER BED continues along the storyline first started in A RESTLESS KNIGHT. However, IN HER BED is easily a stand alone as Deborah MacGillivray provides readers with all the necessary information to enjoy this rich and lush tale. I didn’t think she could top A RESTLESS KNIGHT for its sheer poetic and haunting style, but IN HER BED exceeds even the high caliber of the first book. Aithinne is a character that is so easy to relate to. Overshadowed by the beauty of her cousin Tamlyn, Aithinne has insecurities that run quite deep. Damien’s unrequited love of Tamlyn only adds to her feelings and there are some scenes that are so gut-wrenching that you’ll want to have a box of Kleenex handy. Aithinne’s three brothers add just the right touch of humor so that this powerful tale isn’t overwhelming. Deborah MacGillivray infuses such passion and emotion into this poignant and memorable tale that it is guaranteed to be a hit.

Reviewed by Debbie

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Riding the Thunder is OUT!

Today saw the release of my fourth book, Riding the Thunder. This is my second book for Dorchester's Love Spell, the second Sister of Colford Hall. The second book I have had released in two months! The first book, The Invasion of Falgannon Isle, about the Mershan brothers and Montgomerie sisters, was set in Scotland, drawing on things I love so much there. As I wrote the fantasy, it took on a special quality of memories cherish-- maybe a little too perfect--but still of my heart.

Riding the Thunder touches on ,my Kentucky side. Many of the places in this book exist or once existed. Again, the fantasy of the story allowed me to "visit" people and places from my past, and again, maybe they are a little too perfect in my recollection, but still of my heart.

Happy Anniversary Dawn Thompson

This is the second anniversary of the release of Dawn Thompson's the Ravencliff Bride, her first book for Dorchester publishing. The book is STILL selling as hot as ever. And is it any wonder why? Such a beautiful cover, such a beautiful writer.

In the two years since she has written:

The Ravencliff Bride (Sept 2005) Dorchester
The Waterlord (April 2005) Dorchester
The Falcon's Bride (Sept 2006) Dorchester
Blood Moon (March 2007) Dorchester
The Brotherhood (June 2007) Dorchester
The Marsh Hawk (July 2007) Dorchester
The Lord of the Deep (August 2007) Kensington

coming 2007-2008-9

The Privateer (December 2007) Dorchester
The Ravening (February 2008) Dorchester
Eros Island (anthology) (February 2008) Kensington
Lord of The Dark (July 2008) Kensington
Prisoner of the Flames TBA, Kensington
Lord of the Forest TBA, Dorchester
Lord of the Fire TBA, Kensington
Sexy Beast 4 (anthology) Spring 2008, Kensington

I wanna be Dawn Thompson when I grow up!!
She is a wonderful person, my friend, and I am lucky to know her and call her that.
So, Happy Anniversary, Dawn!!!