Sunday, December 30, 2007

Love Romance and More Nomination

Love Romance and More Cafe has Nominated Riding the Thunder for
Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Romance of 2007

Review they did for Riding the Thunder

Friday, December 28, 2007

11 Award Nominations for books and stories

In Her Bed and Riding the Thunder received Nomination
for Best Romance for 2007 in the Long Print Category.

For Best Book in E-Format
A Restless Knight (Kindle Edition)

Also my Highland Press short stories and novella's
received a total of 8 nominations
for Print and E-Book Format

Stories getting nominations were
Bad Cat
Chicken What Du Hell (2)
A Very Special Man (2)
Detour To Love
Rider in the Storm
All I Want for Christmas is a Hula Hoop...and a Mother

bliadhna mhath ùr

Monday, December 24, 2007

Cat O’ Nine Tales - 5 Angels/Recommended Read from Fallen Angels

Cat O’ Nine Tales - 5 Angels/Recommended Read

Cat O’ Nine Tales is a single-author anthology. There are nine stories, each featuring a cat who is smart enough to help the romantically challenged couples they encounter. The cats are brilliant, Cupids in fur, it seems, with fun names like Elvis, Bubba and Sinnjinn, just to name a few. Each story is unique, perfectly matching the temperament of the cat featured in its tale, or should I say tail?
I haven’t read anything else by Deborah MacGillivray but if Cat O’ Nine Tales is an indication of how this woman writes, she has found a new fan in this reader. I can’t even begin to choose a favorite story from this anthology. Each was better than the last, and every one was spectacular. This is top-notch storytelling, from beginning to end. I felt a particular attachment, I must admit, to Sinnjinn in Rider in the Storm, a story about a quarter of the way into this book. The way this cat cradles and comforts its owner is heartwarming. It’s impossible not to love Sinnjinn, as well as the other felines on these pages. This is a wonderful anthology, filled from beginning to end with great stories. I definitely recommend this one! As an aside, I saw on the publisher’s website that part of the author’s proceeds are going to charity. Isn’t that just icing on an already yummy cake?

Reviewed by: Carly


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Two CAPA Award Nominations!

I just learned I just received two CAPA Award Nominations from The Romance Studio.

The first one was for In Her Bed - Nominated for Best Historical Romance 2007. A Restless Knight received this honour last year, so both Dragons of Challon have been nominated. I hope this is

However, I was especially delighted to see my anthology, LOVE UNDER THE MISTLETOE from Highland Press was nominated as Best Anthology. My novella, A Very Special Man, a shapeshifter romance was very fun to write, so I really was ticked to see it honoured, too.

Highland Press authors in the anthology with me, Leanne Burroughs, Amy Blizzard, Gerri Bowen, Billie Warren Chai and Judith Light

Also, I would like to say Congrats to Rowena Cherry, Devyn Quinn, Joy Nash, Phyliss Campbell, Jennifer Ashley, Jackie Ivie for their nominations for their books, too!
2007 certainly is going out on a very high note for me!!
Happy Holidays to you and your families!


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Friday, December 21, 2007

In Her Bed goes to second printing...

My editor, Hilary Sares just informed me that In Hed Bed just went for a second printing!! A Restless Knight went into a second print run, but it was nearly a year before it did. IHB went back for second printing in 3 1/2 months, and it was twice the numbers as ARK.

Nice final word before my publisher closed the doors for the hols. Super news to encourage me as I am finishing the third book in the series One Snowy Knight (October 2008) currently.

In Her Bed

A Restless Knight

Winners of the Editors Raffle to benefit Dawn Thompson

  • Poor Dawn is still in hospital, 13 weeks and counting. We hope after New Years she will be able to return home. I would like to thank all who entered the contest for her.

    As promised here are the winners of the Editor's Raffle:
    15 winners went to Hilary Sares, Kensington;
    1 went to Chris Keeslar at Dorchester;
    1 went to Leah Hultenschmidt at Dorchester;
    5 went to Leanne Burroughs at Highland Press.

    All will read the manuscript of the winner and give them a one page critique, with eye to buying anyone that impresses them.

    Happy Holidays!!

    Deborah Macgillivray
    Raffle to benefit Author Dawn Thompson

Winners List

Gerri Bowen of Hanover PA
Barbara Huddleston of Billings, MO
Linda Reynolds-Burkins of Forest Hill, MD
Ronna Hochbein of Phildephia, PA
Ann Gilbert of Chalfont, PA
Jennette Heikes Kettering, OH
Jennifer Ross of Kitchener ON, Canada
TONY Tzuma
Debbie Mazzuca of Ottawa RWA chapter
Cari Gunsallus of California
Elba Junco of Laredo, TX
Charlene Conlon of Silver Spring, MD
Jacquie Rogers of Washington State
Billie Warren Chai of Ohio
Sarah Gross of Altadena, CA
Denise Weeks of Richardson, Texas
Tiffany Carter of Overland Park, KS
Yvonne Melchoir of Woodbridge, Va
Michele Linse of Palmyra NY
Pam Champagne of Exeter, ME
Susan Ostrowski of Saxonburg, PA
Laura Bradley of Antigo, WI

Sunday, December 16, 2007

5 Hearts Review for Riding the Thunder

Deborah MacGillivray
Love Spell
October 2007
Fantasy Romance

5 Hearts

Asha Montgomerie is used the attention she draws from men, but has no time for them in her life. Running her restaurant, The Windmill, is more than enough to keep her busy. Yet, when a highly sexual stranger walks through the door, the attraction is lightening hot. Everything about him awakens her body to respond to his. Asha can deny her attraction to this handsome man until the cows come home, but some things are just written in the stars.

RIDING THE THUNDER is by authoress Deborah MacGilivray. In this sequel to The Invasion of Falogannon Isle, Ms. MacGilivray crafts a stellar and magical novel of love found between to very sensual characters, Jago and Asha. From the moment RIDING THE THUNDER starts and until the last page, this creative premise never slows or dulls. Each page is an adventure that will keep the readers spellbound, merrily turning the pages to experience the wonders of Ms. MacGilivray’s sassy and clever writing.

Not only are the main characters delightfully refreshing, the secondary ones are perfectly well rounded, filling out and enhancing this tale of love. There is one character, an overweight feline that is a real scene-stealer.

Asha is a woman that seems to have it all: a successful business, good friends and a spirit for life. She is in total control, that is until Jago walks through the door of her restaurant and turns her life upside down. His passionate expertise will be more than Asha can resist.

Jago has come into Asha’s life with an agenda of his own…revenge for a wrong done to his family long ago. Never in his wildest dreams did he think this plan could be altered, directed in another way, but as his relationship with Asha evolves, Jago starts to see things differently, yet he owes his brother. He will have to make some tough choices.RIDING THE THUNDER is not just another feather in Ms. MacGillvray’s cap, it is a jewel in her crown of writing achievements. This author has proven that not only can she pen torrid historical novels, but a true Seanchaidh (storyteller) in whatever genre she sets her sights on!

This reviewer highly recommends this 5-heart read.

The Secret Santa Contest

The Secret Santa Contest

I just closed the Editors Raffle. I wish to thank everyone who bought tickets in the contest to help author Dawn Thompson. THANK YOU!!!

However, three very special authors who wish to remain anonymous bought tickets to help Dawn. They don't need to have their manuscripts So thus I formed the The Secret Santa Contest. These wonderful authors donated the $100 entry fee for the tickets. We are offering three lucky winners the chance to win a ticket to the Editor's Raffle, which will be announced on the 21st.

So HURRY...there is only FIVE DAYS to enter. Thursday Midnight is the deadline.

Friday Morning I will notify the three winners of the contest and their names will go into the lottery.

Email your entry to:
There's nothing to do, anyone wishing to have their manuscript read by Hilary Sares, Chris Keeslar, Leah Hultenschmidt, or Leanne Burroughs may enter.

Just fill out this information and send!!
Name of your manuscript:
Is it complete YES ____ NO_____
if no when will it be completed?
Happy Holidays and Good Luck!!!

Deborah and Three Secret Santas!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Challon and Damian go to Japan!!

Not in a story, My editor at Kensington Books, Hilary Sares, gave me the exciting news today that A Restless Knight and In Her Bed were both sold to a Japanese Publisher, Random House Kodansha Ltd., to be put into translation and released there. I am very excited about this. A Restless Knight had already been sold to a German Publisher earlier in the year. So he is becoming rather well travelled!! Japanese has a great interest in all things Scottish, so this will be a good home for my Dragons of Challon series. Hopefully, my next two historicals, One Snowy Knight (October 2000) and Yield to the Knight (2009) will find such a wide acceptance.

It's been a busy week for St. Nic, because early this week I signed a two-book contract with Dorchester for more of the Sisters of Colford Hall.

Happy Ho ho ho, to you all!!


Dorchester author sampler

Nina Bangs, Rowena Cherry, Susan Grant, Colby Hodge, Jade Lee,
Deborah Macgillivray, Kathleen Nance, Joy Nash, Robin T. Popp,
and Cathleen Spangler....Test drive us!!

Click here to download to PDF and read a chapter from each
of these Dorchester books.

If you might like Futuristics and other Paranormal romances,
but would rather try out a first chapter before making a decision,
here are first chapters:

(Cathy Spangler, Susan Grant, Nina Bangs, Kathleen Nance,
Joy Nash, Rowena Cherry, Deborah MacGillivray,
Colby Hodge, Robin T Popp and Jade Lee)
all in one downloadable,
free, pdf

Feel free to share the pdf or the url!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Yes, there will be more in the Sisters of Colford Hall series

Fans have been asking if there will be more books in
The Sisters of Colford Halls series. And the answer
is YES!

I have accepted the contract to do two more books for
Dorchester's LoveSpell.
The next books? Trev Mershan
and Raven Montgomerie's romance will be book three.
Currently slotted for June 2009 release.
A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing.

Sorry, about that date! My first contacts for Kensington and Dorchester came a the same time so there was no "first"; I had been alternating books. However, my second contract with Kensington is considered "first" since I accepted that in August. Look for One Snowy Knight (October 2008), followed by Guillaume Challon and Rowanne MacShane's story in 2009.

The fourth book, To Bell the Vampire, in the Dorchester series will be Britt Montgomerie's and Lucien Delacroix's romance. So yes, more Sisters coming. And yes, I will be doing a book for Netta and Liam's romance (Riding the Thunder) and yes, oh, yes, I will get to sexy Julian Starkadder and LynneAnne Montgomerie's Romance, too. Just give me time!!

Happy Holidays to you all!!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

conjuring faraway places

These days my travels are confined to trips in my mind. I have heavy deadlines facing me. One Snowy Knight is due February 1st, and Yield to the Knight is due July 1st. These will be a continuation of my Dragons of Challon series I’m doing for Kensington Zebra Historicals. So I thought I would take you on a wee tour inside my books for my “travels”.

book coverMy newest novel (4th book, 2nd for Dorchester’s Love Spell - second book out in two months) was just released. It’s the second in the Sisters of Colford Hall series. You will have to wait until the third book to actually see Colford Hall, which I set in England. The first book, The Invasion of Falgannon Isle, takes place in Scotland. Since the books are Paranormal Contemporary Romances, with a dash of Fantasy, they are set largely in my imagination more than specific locales. The settings in each book are very real places, only when I started writing, I found they became places in my heart, spun from my childhood memories. Time changes most parts of the world. So I chose to work from memories, fashioning for fiction. This permitted me to world-build. When you world build you create your own rules.

book soverSuch as the setting of the Isle of Falgannon. It’s not a real isle. You won’t find it on maps. I needed to do certain things, such as create my own ferry for the isle. I wanted it to run on my own schedule, and I didn’t think the real ferry services would appreciate me having cars crashing into them! It was easier to conjure my own small ferry and control it as I needed for the story. For the isle, well, I mostly used parts of Lewis in the Hebrides. It’s a very beautiful island. (Though in my video, there are actually two shots of England. I needed steep hills to my island, where as the Hebrides often are very flat and not many trees. I “borrowed” a wee bit of the Sasunnach. I don’t think they minded!)

white sands I mean, who couldn’t look at these beautiful images and not conjure an island owned by a woman, under an ancient curse, which sees the island’s 213 bachelors without wives? Wouldn’t a woman who owned this beauty fight to preserve it?beach
Thus was born B.A. Montgomerie and Des Mershan, and the small cursed Falgannon Isle.

beach near midnightSince I didn’t want to be a ‘one trick pony’, I moved the setting of the second book, Riding the Thunder across the Pond to another place of rugged beauty — Kentucky. Kentucky was settled very heavily by Scots. CalanaisIt’s still very common in Central Kentucky, around the Kentucky river region, to see names like Montgomery, Mackenzie, Grant, Macpherson, Macphee….I suppose they felt comfortable there for in places Kentucky evokes parts of Scotland. I guess why I love both places equally.

kentuckyWhen I was growing up, I spent two weeks to a month in early summer on the Kentucky River, before going back to Britain after the school year, and when I came back in the autumn, I again stayed there. Nicholasville, Buena Vista, Lake Herrington, Wilmore, Danville, Camp Nelson…oh, they are still there. Some parts have changed a great deal in the passing years. Nicholasville used to be a very small town 20 miles from Lexington. Urban sprawlky river now sees the two towns nearly joined. However, in the 1960s, there was a lot of farm land between the two places. There were drive-ins, skate rinks — and a restaurant called The Windmill. Kentucky RiversThe setting for my book did once exist. There was a real motel, drive-in, restaurant, swim-club, a horse farm, and a small skate rink. The Windmill in Riding the Thunder drew life from those seeds.

waterfall With splendour such as this, can you not see why I had to send one of my “sisters” to Kentucky to “ride the thunder”? You will see many of these images in my videos for both books.

Riding the Thunder (Remix version) from D Macgillivray on Vimeo.

The Invasion of Falgannon Isle from D Macgillivray on Vimeo.

Hope you enjoyed the “travels” through my memories and what fashioned my stories.

Deborah Macgillivray

Monday, December 3, 2007

Coffee Time Romance for Love Under the Mistletoe



ISBN: 978-0-9800356-2-9
November 2007
Highland Press

Trade Paperback$9.95
230 pages

Forever Love by Leanne Burroughs

Jessica Ashbury has lived a life of luxury, so moving out West will be an adventure. Meeting Henry Morrison Beaumont, known to his friends as Hank, was certainly not part of her plans. Since they partners in the hotel and salon, they need to spend a lot of time together. Jessica is not sure what to do with her feelings about Hank and as for Hank, he is twisted in knots and cannot see himself in a relationship. Ms. Burroughs took the world of the 1800s and brought it to life again. Jessica and Hank have to deal with real issues. Sparks fly between them. Can they let themselves go?

It Must Have Been the Mistletoe by Judith Leigh

Kacey Michaels has never taken a risk in her whole life. Now she is not only leaving her home, but also moving to an entirely different state. With the help of a local woman, she is able to find a job. Yet, something is still missing in her life. Is her boss in Mistletoe, Nick Klaus the answer?
Ms. Leigh is able to make her characters seem to jump off the pages. I hoped Kacey would get through all her issues. She needs to find contentment in her life. I completely fell in love with this story.

Gingerbread and Mistletoe by Amy Blizzard

Matt Watson is stuck. His business partner, Bethany is off getting married leaving him with no help with the Gingerbread House competition. On a whim, he asks his neighbor, Riley Callahan to help him since she is artistic. Will it be something Matt regrets? Ms. Blizzard writes a charming story that will sweep you off your feet. Riley and Matt have a difficult time seeing eye-to-eye. Will they find there is more than they imagined.

Calling Hailey’s Bluff by Billie Warren Chai

Hailey James can no longer hide her pregnancy, but she refuses to name the father. She wants to go back home and keep everything a secret. Lt. Col. Todd Coopersmith thinks the child is his but cannot prove it. Will the truth ever be revealed? Ms. Chai creates wonderful conflict that must be resolved. Hailey and Todd are both stubborn people. I kept hoping that they would swallow their pride and see what they could have with each other.

A Chorus Singing Love by Gerri Bowen

Melody had always known she was supposed to be with Trevor Wilde. But an event that happened ten years ago has kept them apart. Now Melody has a second chance but Trevor will not let her near him. Will she finally be able to tell him the truth? Ms. Bowen amazes me with her way with words. I could not stop reading to find out would happen between Melody and Trevor. I needed to know the secret.

A Very Special Man by Deborah MacGillivray

Simon could not remember how he ended up stuck in cat form. He only wishes to be human again because he wants to be with Dezzy. Desdemona just might be the one to save him. She has no idea that there is more to him. Ms. MacGillivray creates a fantasy world that I could not get enough of. I am impressed with the background of the characters. There is so much more than I could imagine.

All six stories are full of passion and wishes. My two favorites were A Very Special Man and A Chorus Singing Love. They are both magical. All the authors found a way to fit magic in perfectly. I definitely want to check out more books by these authors. I am sure things can only get better.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books