Thursday, August 28, 2008

To Russia with Love - Medieval style......

My books have been sold to Japan, Germany and Brazil for translation. Well, they just recently sold to Russia.

I don't know the publisher yet,
book will be looking forward to
see what nifty covers they come up with

Brazilian cover of A Restless Knight

The German cover for A Restless Knight.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008 review of Love on a Harley

Six talented authors delight readers with six sumptuous stories created around man’s favorite machine… the Harley.

SECRETS AND LIES by Rebecca Andrews tells the tale of Wess McKade, hired to protect Ella Preston, supermodel and former high school sweetheart. Why did Wess leave all those years ago and can the two rekindle their love?

LEADER OF THE PACK by Debi Farr begins as Charlie, dressed as a hooker, is on her way to a Come-As-You-Aren’t party. She has a flat tire and is rescued by a cop on a motorcycle who just happens to be going to the same party.

HITTING PAYDIRT by Billie Warren Chai gives us a look at Vic, a woman working along side the roughnecks bringing in oil wells for the family business. How can she get Craig Ferguson, her brother’s best friend, to see her as a desirable woman instead of Lil’ Bits.

TEACHING LOVE by Patricia Frank relates the tale of Jenn, a widow, rescued by a biker when she spins her car into a ditch. Will she be able to let go of her husband’s memory and love again?

THE MAN RIDES A HARLEY by Diane Davis White finds Susannah taking her sister’s place in a parade, riding a motorcycle, behind a hunky biker. What happens next is embarrassing but just may lead to true love.

BAD TO THE BONE by Deborah MacGillivray revisits the Windmill restaurant and its famed haunted jukebox as Gabriel returns to Kentucky, a success, to buy the house he was never allowed to enter in his youth. He reconnects with Jocelyn, the rich girl he always craved, and finds he still wants more than her house.

Perfect summer reading, LOVE ON A HARLEY entertains from page one. This anthology has something for everyone, especially those wanting to experience Love on a Harley

Friday, August 1, 2008

Riding the Thunder a winner in The Beacon

I just received word that Riding the Thunder was the first place winner of The Beacon Award in the Single Title category with the First Coast Romance Writers RWA chapter.

This is so exciting since this book won the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence for Best Long Contemporary Romance this year.

My Website is getting an make over!

Monika Wolmerans, the very talented proofreader who vets my books, is redoing my website. It's been two years, and original design has become quite boring. She has launched the make over. There are still a few pages that will need to be updated so check back and see them. She has really done a super job. I just love it! Check it out.

Thank you Monika!