Sunday, October 19, 2008

Down Home Ever Lovin' Mule Blues

· Paperback: 200 pages, tradesize
· Language: English
· ISBN-10: 0980035686
· ISBN-13: 978-0980035681

Jacquie Rogers has struck me for some time as a talent waiting to “happen”. One of the problems with being a unique talent, is it’s hard to land with a publisher. Editors are often unwilling to take on oddball i.e. risky projects because they fear not hitting target with mainstream sales. Once this sort of author does, they usually rocket straight to the top of bestsellers lists. Rogers is that sort of author waiting to make the jump. And she will. Watch. With this delightful book, she is one step closer. Her quirky talent and strong voice bring this wacky novel alive. She had me smiling and laughing aloud―not many authors actually push me to full laughter, but Rogers does, allowing her to join the narrow ranks of Nina Bangs and Lynsay Sands. Set in the real town of Gasmere, Idaho, the clever author puts the town on the map with this romp through rodeos, matchmaking miniature mules, and people finding where they belong in life―and discovering it’s not always where they thought they should be. Brody is hiding out from the high-power, big-money world of Pettybottom Enterprises. And what better way to hide than in the guise of a rodeo clown! He loves playing the clown, figuratively and literally, loves the thrill of bull-riding, the roar of the crowd, thus he believes he knows where he belongs, and it’s not behind some desk as CEO of a business that is dull and stuffy. He loves the small town life and the contentment he finds as far from Pettybottom’s pressure as you can get. Rita Markham is an actuary, a lady who crunches numbers. She finds stability, finds security in dealing with dull and stuffy facts. She loves big city sophistication. She might fall for the head of Pettybottom Enterprises, but never for a rodeo clown, no matter how sexy Brody is. Once, she shook off the dust of Gasmere, Idaho and her roots in the rodeo circle, and now wants nothing to do with another broken-down rodeo clown. But is the small town girl really that enamored with big city life, or is she, too, hiding from whom she really is?

Socrates the mule doesn’t understand why humans have to make everything so darn complicated. He understands people, odd beings that they are, and even understands love, and totally perplexed why humans just don’t get it. It’s up to Socrates to save the day and make Brody and Rita see what is real and what is important.

The author’s talent shines, giving a fast-paced, humorous tale that marks her as an author on the rise. It’s sexy, sharp, witty and just plain fun!
~ Deborah Macgillivray,
Paranormal Romance

Thursday, October 16, 2008

National Feral Cat Day

Thursday the 16th is National Feral Cat Day!!!!!!!!!
Join an event going on in your state.

Make a donation today!

I cannot say enough about good this organization does for rescuing feral cats.

One-Half of all royalties paid on my anthology Cat O'Nine Tales goes to to help them rescue feral and abandoned cats.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

IWOFA all day chat at THE HAUNT

IWOFA all day chat at the Haunt this Friday!!!!!Infinite World of Fantasy Authors

An organization of over 200 authors who write paranormal,
fantasy and speculative fiction.

Join US!


Deborah MacgillivrayHost of THE HAUNT @ PNR

Monday, October 6, 2008

Wednesday at the Haunt - Jade Lee!

Come join the fun - the amazing Jade Lee is nattering all day
at The Haunt at PNR (Paranormal Romance Reviews)- telling us about her wonderfully sexy "dragons" and "tigers"

All Day Wednesday the 8th.....


Deborah Macgillivray

The Haunt welcome Linda Wisdom for all day chat

Tuesday, October 7th, The HAUNT at PRN (Paranormal Romance Reviews) is very lucky to have the talented Linda Wisdom to chat with us all day.

She has been a long term writer, but has really hit with her Hex series.

Come and shake the rafters with us...if you dare!


Deborah Macgillivray

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Top 10 Reasons Your Husband Won't Want You To Read The Invasion of Falgannon Isle

Top 10 Reasons your husband will not want you to read The Invasion of Falgannon Isle

10. You will want him to wear a kilt!

9. You will want to book a trip to the remote parts of Scotland (and want him to wear a kilt!)

8. You will suddenly start serving short bread cookies when he asks for biscuits!

7. You suddenly start saying "Och" a lot!

6. You want him to wear leather pants (when he is not wearing a kilt!)

5. You will start teaching the cat how to play poker

4. You will want him to waltz with you (leather pants or kilt is not optional)

3. You will start tilting you head to "What is Love" like the Roxbury Boys

2. You will want to quit your jobs, sell your house, buy him leather pants and a kilt, and move to a wee isle in Scotland

and the number one reason your husband will not want you to read The Invasion of Falgannon Isle...

1. You will be laughing your head off and he won't know why!!!!!!!!!!!

(thanks to author Rowena Cherry for prodding me to do this!)