Friday, June 30, 2017

Release date for A Restless Knight - July 13, 2017

I am SOOOOOO excited.  This is not a re-release of the book, but a total relaunch of the novel and series in it's original form and with additional scenes, expanded scenes and material.  Nearly 40,000 more words in this version.  I am so thrilling to see the book as I originally intended it.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A beautiful lunch on a gorgeous June day

Me on the Courthouse Square having lunch with Candy.  
A big Thanks to McDonalds App for the free food.

Candy being her usual mischievous self!

Renfaire Steampunk Weekend

Me in my steampunk hat made by Candy Thompson

Candy enjoying the gorgeous day!

Cool Pictish Cat Vest

Imma Nutt, Coco-Nutt and Marquise (Fool Hearty)

Erika Napier looking dashing!!



Absolutely GORGEOUS day for a Renfaire!!

Postcards for the Dragons of Challon upcoming releases

Redemption full cover reveal

The back (Left) is a bit of magic, a photo takes of a painting done 27 years ago, turned green lol.  Current my publisher is saying Sept 2017 release, but I am guess more closer to Halloween.

This is a relaunching of the Dragons of Challon series

 A Restless Knight, Book 1

Ravenhawke,  Book 2

Redemption, Book 4

I had hoped to add One Snowy Knight, Book 3 to the relaunch  but former publisher is hanging on to the rights for the short term, but hope to add it later the his year.  Want all my sexy knights under one publisher.  :-) the fabulous Prairie Rose Publications

We are targeting August for A Restless Knight, September for Ravenhawke, October for Redemption

Don't forget there are more Dragons of Challon stories, novellas in anthologies

Also, coming for Christmas -- One Yuletide Knight anthology.  I will be launching The Knight of Hellborne series with a novella called "A Marriage Made in Hell"

Postcard preview for Ravenhawke

This is the front and back of the postcard for


(originally titled by Kensington Books as In Her Bed)

Release is scheduled for September

new insert postcards

This is the insert postcard for the new release of A Restless Knight, showing front and back of the card.  I think Vista Print did an AMAZING job!!

Summer Concert Series #2

me in my new straw hat

Candy looking adorable as ever!

The little one had to be the winner of the Cut Kid of the Night title!!

This time they had the Allen Lane Band.  A Waylon Jennings - Johnny Cash sort of band.

The crowd was large -- Barbara Manley in the white shirt and sunglasses.

Full Cover test for A Restless Knight

Coming very soon!! 

This is not a reprint but a restoration.  The expanded version with a lot of new material that didn't make it into the Kensington release.  Very excited to see the short as I originally intended it.

Homemakers annual meeting

Candy and I trooped to the annual meeting of the Homemakers.  It was a lot of fun, and packed with

me in my tartan jacket

Candy in her Schell Kepler shirt looking rather dashing!

During the breaks
 the other

Christine Duncan kicking off the meeting

Christine Duncan was named Home Coming Queen.  She was quite surprised!!