Friday, July 20, 2018

Happy Dancing at Big R's and Shannon's

Still happy dancing over my release of One Snowy Knight.


had a stuffed bake potato - with cheese, BBQ brisket and cheese....yum

We were st
Was at supper at Big R's and Shannon's
to help kick off the Mayor's race for La Grange

Go Shannon!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Woo woo nothing so special as holding a book wrote

Happy Birthday, Candy!!

Tomorrow is Miz Candy's birthday. I will be taking her shopping and her favourite stores and will take her to lunch at Steak and Shake, because she wants to go

She came here in 2010--from circumstances that were getting dire - to say the least. NYC wasn't being too good to Candy. I knew Dawn would love it if I kept an eye on her, so magic was worked with a friend, Rowena Cherry, and she came to live near me. Almost immediately, she was in hospital with a bad heart, overweight, not eating good, and in a wheel chair. Since that time, she now runs circles around me, has lost a lot of weight, eats better and loves life.

Getting her to come here, where she can live independently, yet have me close at hand has been on of the best things I ever did in my life. Yes, life was a bit easier, calmer, but we have been laughing through merry an adventure. So Happy Birthday, Candy....a friend like none other!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

updating the strange pricing in Amazon Secondary

The story by author David Streitfeld was on page B1 of the New York Times Monday.  It was a trending story on Yahoo news, and picked up on Publishers Marketplace daily newsletter.

He said he requested a response from Red Rhino -- the nickname of the Amazon Secondary seller, but received no response.  Well, there sort of was one -- This morning Red Rhino deleted the $2850+ offering, thought the $1558 from another dealer is list there.

I have to admit it was total shock to open my browser, going to check my email, and see my book there as trending.  Very bizarre sensation!  lol 

Thursday, July 12, 2018

One Snowy Knight expanded ebook is out today!!

One Snowy Knight (Dragons of Challon Book 3) by Deborah Macgillivray

Prairie Rose Publications

"Like a bard of old, Macgillivray spins a tale of knights and ladies, myth and magic." “
—Romantic Times on A Restless Knight

"A sexy captive/captor romance. . .well done!" 
Romantic Times on In Her Bed

eBook July 12th release
Tradesize Library Edition Print July 19th

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

One Snowy Knight - Release dates

cover image by Jon Paul Ferrara

Turning back to the man on the ground, she once again had to wipe the gathering flakes from his face.  She attempted to tug him to a sitting position, thinking she could wrap her mantle around them both, and lend him what little body heat she still had.  When she went to lift him, she realized he still had his broadsword lashed crosswise over his back.  Finding the strap’s buckle on the center of his chest, she released it.

Then, froze as the howl came. 

It was close by.  The man groaned as she urgently rolled his dead weight, enough to drag the sword out from under him, and then dropped the leather sheath as she freed the blade.  Holding the sword in her right hand, she used her left to release the clasp of her mantle.  She would need her arms free to swing the sword.  Keeping her eyes fixed upon the trees, she dragged her woolen cape over the man’s unmoving body.

The deep growl sent a chill to her marrow as the threat of the snowstorm had failed to do.  Low tree limbs rustled and then parted as the set of glowing yellow eyes peeked through the wintry foliage.

Swallowing hard, Skena brought the sword up, preparing to swing, and praying she had strength enough to wield the mighty sword true.

Skena stood trembling, from the cold, aye, but more so from dread.  With the specter of famine looming across the land, she feared wolves would soon be a threat they would face.  Foolishly, she had hoped the menace would not come this early in the season.  Swallowing to moisten the dryness in her mouth, she watched the feral eyes narrow on her, judging how much a threat she presented holding the sword.  Plainly, she posed nary a concern to the creature.  Shoulders lowered, teeth bared, he edged forward, a low growl of intent rising deep in his throat.  The animal scented her fear.  Her weakness only emboldened him. 

Keeping her attention on the black wolf, her eyes quickly scanned to see if there were others coming up behind him or circling around.  Where you found one, usually there lurked a small pack.  Her luck holding, thus far no other pairs of bright eyes appeared; no dark forms skulked through the unmoving undergrowth around the dense pine trees. 

“Oh, please let him be a lone wolf,” she offered her wish to the Auld Ones, before whispering dark words to weave a Charm of Protection, drawing upon what little powers she possessed to sustain her through this ordeal.

 Not a small woman, her Ogilvie blood showed in her tall body and strong bones.  Even so, to hold the heavy broadsword—which took years for a man to master—was tiring.  Her arms vibrated; tremors racked her muscles.  A mix of terror and cold.  The winter storm slowly leached all the strength from her body.  She fought against the quaking, still the sword wobbled in her grip.

Baring his fangs, the wolf crept slowly forward, more daring with each step.  Skena had trouble keeping her vision clear.  Falling flakes and those kicked up by the spindrift continued to stick to her long lashes, adding moisture to the tears she valiantly labored to hold at bay.  It was vital to see the wolf when he leapt, in order to time her swing.  She sucked in a hard breath of terror.  The creature was so much bigger than she expected!

“Off with you, evil foal-chû.  You shall no’ be making a meal of this warrior or me.”  She spoke false courage, hoping the sound of her voice might frighten him into backing off.  Instead, his body coiled, preparing to spring.

So intent upon the wolf, Skena hopped slightly when long arms enclosed about her.  Startled and yet unwilling to take her eyes off the black creature, it was several heartbeats before she comprehended the stranger had awakened and was on his feet.  Suddenly, in his strong embrace she was not so scared.

“Be still, my lady.  I lend my strength to your swing.”  The warrior’s cold hands closed over hers.  He leaned against her back; his powerful muscles caused her shaking to lessen.

Skena had little chance for the details of his nearness to filter through her thoughts, for with a feral snarl the wolf leapt at them.  Frozen in terror, she was unable to move, yet she felt the warrior wielding the sword.  Bared teeth snapped close to her throat.  She cried out and then flinched when the great blade caught the beast in the neck.  Blood splattered across her clothing and her face.  Its heat shocked her.  Numb with the horror, she stared at the animal writhing on the ground.  In the gathering darkness, the pooling blood oddly appeared black upon the pristine snow.  The coppery smell set her stomach to roiling; revolted, she choked back rising nausea.  Her grip slackened about the hilt.  

            The knight’s fingers closed tighter around hers.  “Nay, my lady, never leave a wounded animal alive...sometimes, not even a man.  ’Tis when they are most dangerous.  They risk all for they have naught to lose.” 


One Snowy Knight, Dragons of Challon, Book 3

Coming July 19 2018 - Print

July 12th - eBook

eBook and Library Quality Tradesize print
Prairie Rose Publications
#DragonsofChallon #ScottishRomance #MedievalRomance  #HistoricalRomance

Monday, July 9, 2018

Read the Dragons of Challon series FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Read the Dragons of Challon series on Kindle Unlimited - Free

#ScottishRomance #MedievalRomance #HistoricalRomance #PrairieRosePublications

Saturday, July 7, 2018

One Snowy Knight, Book 3 of the Dragons of Challon pre-order

  Woo hoo, look what just went up for pre-order on Amazon  #ChristmasRomance#HistoricalRomance #ScottishRomance

beautiful cover by the talented Jon Paul Ferrara